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Morricone In Love

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Darlene Mietrich: the One who Didn't Make It To Hollywood

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Audience Reviews for Morricone In Love

"F'eatre play some great Morricone film scores live, with Fiona Staniland mastering those ethereal wordless vocals - Is it Jazz? Is it Pop? Is it Classical? - No it's Italian! Behind the band, well selected visual moments from the weird and wonderful world of Giallo movies, highlight strange Italian obsessions with physical perfection, sex and death in bizarre settings, or fashion (when there are any clothes). The attention to detail in these films is echoed in the spot on singing and playing of Fiona and the band."
Jerry Dammers, The Specials, The Spacial AKA Orchestra

"Yes, I thought it couldn't be done, or that no one would ever dare attempt the classic Giallo wordless jazz sounds, but there she was on stage, dressed as the Woman In A Lizard's Skin, charming us all with her introductions and blowing us all away with her fine interpretations of souring, erotic vocalize. The near impossible has been successfully achieved and all the audience just wanted was more, more, more."
Jonny Trunk, Resonance FM and Trunk Records

"Immaculately conceived, Morricone in Love! leaves an indelible imprint on the imagination and the soul. Even now, three days after the show, the scenes and accompanying melodies of such sublime and hypnotic beauty are swirling in my head. Utterly unique, this is an experience not to be missed."
Syed Rahman, Vertigo Films

"That was one of the best nights I've had for ages - really! A magical mix of some of the most under-rated and underplayed parts of the epic Morricone catalogue coupled with clips from films I never thought I would see...The images alone would make it a fun evening…The fact that alongside that you've got this amazingly beautiful vocal instrument and sensual, weird, tripped out music is the icing on the cake. Even if I wasn't a Morricone nerd I'd still have had a fantastic night!"
Daniel Pemberton, Film and TV Soundtrack Composer

"It was a beautiful and sexy show. I was transported to a place I'd like to spend a lot more time, full of Italian romance and great clothes - on singer, band and screen!"
**** Warren Malone, Film Director, London

"A discerning sequence of classic film images complimented by a tight band and elegant chanteuse. In an era where romance would appear uncool, I was captivated throughout. I didn't check my watch once. Sexy and beautiful from the word go, I was also intrigued by the concept. F'eatre have got style in spades."
***** Phil Hancock, Poet, London

"Smooth, sexy, beautiful and funny! A superior trip through a weird and wonderful world. The band were fantastic - and the chanteuse so beautiful - can still hear her voice in my head sweetly singing out the wordless melodies that were such a perfect soundtrack to the outré films"
**** Isobel Robson, Mother of 3, Lancaster

"Our group of four attended "Morricone in Love" at the Bermondsey Shortwave, we did not do our homework first, trusting it would likely be interesting and captivating. It proved a tremendous, sensual trip into the wider senses of love... very pleasing, indeed, enthralling. Fee Staniland's representation of the songs was a fantastic display of her great talent…the band (or should I say small orchestra?) were tremendous... we definitely wish to be on the mailing list for other such great events"
**** Ken Jamieson, Business Consultant, Brighton

"What an inspiring and tantalising evening! Walking in with no expectations, I was totally captivated by the whole experience... The stunning voice and humour of Fiona Staniland, the brilliant performances of each and every member of the band, the collective enjoyment and engagement of the group, and to top it off, the delicious visuals. A gem of a night!"
Julia, Artist, London

"Now it all makes sense. I've visited a corner of Morricone's universe that subconsciously I knew existed but had never been to. A truly sensory experience. These haunting melodic tunes are the most interesting of Maestro's grand concerts but no one knows the films where they came from. A fabulous concept from chanteuse Fee Staniland who has put together a band of some of London's finest jazz musicians with a back drop of the original, dark, sensual Italian Giallo visuals. Nick Ramm, Alex Keen, Jon Scott Jon Gingell and Gerry Hunt sound like an orchestra - and with Staniland's heavenly vocal the music transcends. Bravo F'eatre!"
Florence Barstrom, Dancer, London

"I was blown away with the sounds and visuals of this performance! It was evident that the musicians worked incredibly well together, producing some wonderful and eclectic sounds (including the saucy vocals!), along with exceptional scenes that suited the music perfectly. If there was such thing as an eargasm... this performance would produce that effect! This is a rare opportunity not to be missed!"
Marie-Claire Barazonne, Yoga Teacher, London

"The combination of live music, cult cinema and the stunning vocals of Fiona Staniland makes for a truly unique experience and great night out. The hair, make-up and fashion on film was fabulously retro and stylish"
***** Julie Howe, Yoga Teacher, London

"It was amazing. Pure love of art, nothing fake. Encore!"
**** John Moran, Yoga Teacher, London

"Thank you for a great evening! I loved the combination of super stylish film as background but at the forefront a veritable live orchestra: and the voice 'as instrument' was really amazing!"
**** Mirja, London

"F'eatre's live rendition of the horror did it for me and those vocals really worked on my spine. Chilling."
****Anthony, London

"Morricone In Love? In Love with Fifi! A totally fantastic last night...thank you for a truly sensory orgy!"
****Jeremy, London

"Properly fabulous :) Thanks for a great night out - all my girlfriends loved it. By the power of Morricone I salute you!"
Tanya Goodman, Cranio Sacral Therapist, London

"Ignited creativity and inspiration that seemed distant... a must experience."
Erminio Fiocca, Hairdresser, London

"Fee Staniland was a glamorous, professional and lively performer that looked just as great as the Morricone girls behind her. It was so interesting seeing a role reversal i.e. the music coming to the fore and the images in the background."
Lucia Stuart, Artist, Deal